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IRONpro Water Treatment | IRONpro

IRONpro builds superior water treatment systems for agricultural, business and residential use, providing a chemical-free and efficient way to remove undesirable compounds from well water.

Our patented system combines forced-air oxidation with a unique filtering system to give outstanding results in removing iron, manganese and sulfur compounds from water that would otherwise be unusable.

IRONpro products are scalable to the needs of our customers, giving them good water at lower cost. These include:

  • IRONpro — Geared toward agricultural uses, such as greenhouse irrigation and livestock watering. Also suitable for commercial applications, such as manufacturing plants or other business facilities.

  • OXI SystemResidential water treatment, either whole house or partial, that allows for lawn irrigation and contaminant-free water for household use. With the cost of water from municipal water supplies always rising, this allows homeowners to use well water that wouldn’t be acceptable without treatment, saving them money every time they turn on a tap.

  • TrojanUVMax  — IRONpro sells and installs this residential disinfecting system, which uses ultraviolet light to kill harmful bacteria and ensure a supply of purified drinking water.

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