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Iron Slime Problem in Greenhouse Irrigation | IRONpro

Greenhouse Irrigation Hampered by Iron in the Water

High concentrations of dissolved iron in groundwater supplies can wreak havoc on greenhouse irrigation systems, clogging nozzles and discoloring plants, making them difficult to sell.

This is caused by several strains of anaerobic “iron-fixing” bacteria, which occur naturally in the soil. The bacteria oxidize the dissolved iron as a byproduct of their metabolism, converting it from soluble ferrous iron to insoluble ferric iron. This precipitates out of the water, but the threadlike structure of the bacteria traps the iron, creating a gelatinous slime that plugs up emitters. As the bacterial mass grows, the problem worsens.

IRONpro Greenhouse Irrigation Prevents Iron Bacteria

The solution to iron-bacteria growth is to oxidize the dissolved iron before it enters the greenhouse irrigation water delivery system, depriving the bacteria of the food they need to propagate. The IRONpro system gives you an effective, affordable, and virtually maintenance-free way to prevent iron slime from growing, without the need to handle caustic, dangerous chemicals.

  • IRONpro greenhouse irrigation system removes iron that iron bacteria feed on.
  • IRONpro greenhouse irrigation system is virtually maintenance free.
  • IRONpro greenhouse irrigation system doesn't use caustic, dangerous chemicals.

How the IRONpro Greenhouse Irrigation System Works

The IRONpro oxidation system uses a patented pressurized air-injection method. Oxygen introduced by this pressurized air injection interacts with dissolved iron compounds, forming insoluble compounds the precipitate out of the water. These iron compounds are filtered out by a special media bed, which contains a mineral substance twice as dense as sand.

IRONpro System Compared to Others

Other common oxidation methods are not as efficient as the IRONpro greenhouse irrigation system and require constant monitoring. Chlorination, whether by use of chlorine gas or a liquid chlorine compound, only works when the iron content and pH level are low enough. In addition, to be effective, the chlorine must be in contact with the water for a sufficient length of time.

The IRONpro oxidation system, on the other hand, is works instantaneously and on demand. In addition, the IRONpro system can handle the enormous water-use requirements of a typical greenhouse irrigation system.

The chlorine-treated water is damaging to certain sensitive plant species, and the corrosive nature of chlorine compounds means more maintenance and parts replacement. By contrast, the IRONpro greenhouse irrigation system uses no chemicals that could harm plants or machinery.

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