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IRONpro builds superior water treatment systems for agricultural, business and residential use, providing a chemical-free and efficient way to remove undesirable compounds from well water.

About IRONpro

The OXI System and the IRONpro system remove undesirable compounds from groundwater. Anything that can be oxidized — primarily iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide — is easily handled by our systems. This means that you can use relatively cheap groundwater drawn up through a well, regardless of its initial quality and contaminant level.

Livestock Watering

The better the quality of the water you give your livestock, the more the animals will drink, producing a better yield and better quality meat, eggs and milk. Using the IRONpro system for your livestock water treatment translates into lower feed costs, higher production yield, and better quality products.

Greenhouse Irrigation

The IRONpro system gives you an effective, affordable, and virtually maintenance-free way to prevent iron slime from growing in your greenhouse-irrigation system, without the need to handle caustic, dangerous chemicals.

Industrial/Commercial Water Treatment

Many industrial and commercial businesses are water intensive, requiring large amounts of contaminant-free water on demand. If your business fits this description, IRONpro systems is the right choice for you.

Residential Water Treatment

It’s is much cheaper to use well water rather than a municipal water supply for your household needs or your lawn and garden. But what if your groundwater is plagued by contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide and ferrous iron? The answer to that problem is the OXI system from IRONpro.

IRONpro Products/Services

IRONpro builds water treatment systems tailored to each customer’s needs, whether agricultural, commercial or industrial. Our water-treatment services are not “one size fits all.”


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