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Notes From Our Happy Water Treatment Customers

Here is a client's reaction to the installation of the OXI system in his restaurant and lodging business:

“After only a few months in operation it is apparent that not only does the system work exceedingly well but through its design the reliability should prove to be excellent, too. Thank you for a well engineered system.”

Ray Cole
Beaver Island Lodge Inc.
Beaver Island, Mich.

Here is a letter from a client who uses the OXI system in his home:

“I am not in the habit of endorsement or testimonials. Every so often something comes along that deserves it.

“When I purchased my dream home in the country and discovered high sulfur water, I had a dilemma. Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide injection were not a consideration. After all, my family would be drinking this and if the system failed, it could poison them and myself.

“A distiller was limited in capacity, expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, and expensive to operate.

“I went with bottled water for drinking. Delivered once a month both the full and empty bottles took up a lot of space. Not to mention that the smell of sulfur gas was attacking nearly everything in my home including the TV.

“I then had the fortune of meeting the good people from LWC Inc. They had a system that injected nothing but air … I have to admit I was skeptical to say the least.

“Now after three years of using this system I am totally convinced that any and every place that has sulfur problems should have it. It is economical, dependable, and most of all totally safe.

“The LWC staff handled the few minor problems quickly and professionally. The quality of the product and service has exceeded all my expectations.”

Richard E. Lutz Jr. P.E.

Here is a letter from a client who uses the IRONpro system to irrigate his greenhouses:

“Thank you for the iron filtration system, the build-up in our water lines and emitters has finally been resolved. We can now irrigate from our wells at full capacity, with absolutely no worries!

“If anyone is having problems with iron in the water, this system is your cure... forget about ozone, oxidation or chemical applications. This iron filtration system has knocked down our iron content by 400 percent overnight, now I can feel confident that this problem won't arise again.”

Domenic Policella
Owner / President
Domric International Ltd.
Ruthven, Ont., Canada